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The Starpod is an icosahedron 1V dome structure designed to provide spacious and sturdy shelter to a multitude of outdoor scenerios.  They’ve been utilized in as wide a range of purposes as Vendor booth, DJ/sound pod, Burning Man dwelling, food storage, and others.

The Starpod uses the StarPlate joint system for the frame construction.  These plates provide a durable and sturdy frame made with 1″ x 2″ wood struts which are available from any building supply center.

To make the Starpod especially resistant to the hot sun the skin is made out of SilviCool tarp fabric.

Any treeplanters among us will recognize SilviCool as what the tarps for the trees and bags are made out of.  This durable fabric is white on the outside with a shiny silver on the inside. The principle is that the white reflects the heat of the sun and the silver helps insulate the cooler shade below. It seems to work better than anything.. The fabric lets a comfortable amount of light through. and it’s great sleeping in a shiny silver pod that you can stand up in.

Pod Dimensions

The StarPod features:

  • 3  screened triangle windows which velcrow down
  • 1  “bay window” which is a wall in which the top half detaches from the bottom half.   (perfect for kiosk or control booth use)

Please see the gallery for pictures of the windows.